Wedding White Dove Release

Memorial / Funeral Dove Release
March 11, 2016
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Wedding White Dove Release

White Dove Release Colorado

A White Doves Release from White Doves Release Colorado release dove is a breed of Rock Dove (domestic pigeon) used for ceremonial releases. White Dove Releases are often used to commemorate important milestones of life and offerings of hope at Weddings. They are also released at grand openings, sporting events, and many outdoor gatherings.

The preferred type of release doves is homing pigeons, a member of the rock dove species, and some strains are specifically bred for ceremonial release. White homing pigeons are preferable to Ringneck Doves for ceremonial release because Ringneck Doves lack homing ability and may not survive in the wild.

Common Wedding Release Ceremonies

  • The “Hand Release” in which the bride and groom hold two doves which are then released together.
  • The “Flurry” or “Flock Release” in which the bride and groom release two birds by hand or from a box and then a larger group of doves are released shortly afterward to join them in the sky.

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** Birds used are “White Homing Rock Doves”. Rock doves, (Columba Livia) are the only birds that can be used humanely for dove releases. Caged white doves are too fragile to survive in the wild and lack natural homing instincts. Many equate a wedding dove release to Peace, Purity, Joy, and Blessings. White dove release at a funeral offers a soothing touch in a time of sadness and sorrow. For centuries, doves have been a symbol of peace, leaving loved ones with a sense of hope for the departed. Imagine the wonder of onlookers as twenty white doves take wing, circle above higher and higher in formation, as they begin their journey.

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